Mayes Grocery Store

From 1919 to 1961 the building at 1132 Main Street was the home of Mayes grocery store, one of the best stocked stores in town. After returning from World War I in Europe, W.H. Mayes partnered with W.T. Peck and J.A. Marr to open this full-service store in Commerce. The store offered free delivery throughout its forty years of operation, usually within 30 minutes. At its height, the store fielded three delivery trucks which moved groceries around all day long. The partners also experimented with a second location across from the college in the years before the depression. In 1961 W.H. Mayes decided it was time to close down the store. He was happy he was finally going to have time to have some hobbies, which he never had as a grocer.

After the grocery store closed down, 1132 became Cameron Butane Company and, later, Pargas, both of which sold butane and natural gas. Drake’s Furniture Company purchased the location in the early 1970’s to use as storage. Brad Davis Recording Studio opened at this location in 2006. Brad Davis, who runs the studio, is a renowned Grammy record performing musician. He has worked with top artists such as David Lee Roth and Billy Bob Thorton. With 3 studios under one roof producing everything from gospel to heavy metal the studio now shares the building with the Brick Row Music store in front.



1132 Main St. Commerce TX 75428