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Samuel Calhoun Grave

Notable Burials at Calhoun Cemetery

Samuel Calhoun
Samuel Calhoun (1788-1875) was originally born in Abbeville County, South Carolina. He would also be a Commander of the Fifth Cavalry in Georgia during the War of 1812. After the war, he settled a plantation in Georgia and then moved to Alabama with his six children and son-in-law after his first wife, Elizabeth Finney, passed away in 1836. Following this, he would marry a woman named Catherine O’Brian. Catherine and Samuel would go on to have two children, most likely Louis, and Catherine Louise Calhoun. He would then move to Texas, where a plantation would be settled by the name of Osceola, where he would live until he died in 1875. [1]

Martha Calhoun Cabiness
Martha Calhoun Cabiness (1818-188) was the daughter of Samuel Calhoun who would go on to marry James Anderson Cabiness (also buried in Calhoun cemetery). She and her husband would have a slave by the name of Elijah. She and James would settle within the area and own a piece of property which would eventually become named Pine Prairie.[2]

William Calhoun
William N Calhoun (1822-1865) was the son of Samuel Calhoun, who was also a Confederate Soldier during the American Civil War, where he would be a Sergeant who would be imprisoned by the Union in Atlanta in 1864. [3]



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