JBA Financial

1134 Main St hosted a great variety of downtown businesses over a hundred years beginning in 1917, when the Liberty Café opened. The Café helped Commerce citizens do their part in the war effort by following national rationing including meatless-Tuesdays, wheatless-Wednesdays, and porkless-Saturdays.

On Saturday June 5, 1920, the storefront hosted the grand opening of the 5 and 10 cents store owned by Duke and Ayers (1920-1934). Featherstone’s Cleaners operated moved in for a time (1936-1937). White’s Dry Goods store (1947-1953) was the next to make a go of it, moving from the west side of the square in 1947. Their grand opening was heralded by the East Texas College Dance Orchestra. The remodeled storefront to include modern innovations like fluorescent lighting. White’s sold everything from shoes to the popular Gene Autrey Jeans.

Air conditioning arrived in 1953 when the nomadic Service Barber Shop made a brief run at the location, one of its 10 over the years, before Babcock Bro’s Auto Supply (1954-1971) moved in. The company stretched the definition of “auto supply” pretty broadly, selling everything from model trains and dolls to bicycles guns and radios. They also sold automotive supplies. Babcock’s moved to 1209 Alamo St. around 1971-2. Dave's Carpet Center (1972-1988) opened and moved into the location in 1972 and was owned and managed by David Johnson from 1972-1988. After sixteen years, Johnson sold to Wear’s Carpet center (1990-92) for briefly two years from 1990-1992.

As a period of almost 3 years went by, the location would find new occupants in the Commerce Pentecostal Church (1996-2015). The present occupants of 1134 Main St are JBA Financial, who are owned by Black Bear Paw located in Longview Texas. 1134 Main Street and the location has been occupied for over a century as one of the stitches in the fabric of this small downtown.



1134 Main St. Commerce, Texas 75428