The Country Doctor (1835-1940)

Imagine it is 1900 and your child is sick, too sick to travel to a doctor. Once word gets to the doctor, he grabs his bag in a rush to see the sick child, leaving his uneaten dinner on the table. He gets there just in time and spends the rest of the night with your child.

The statue represents the doctors who worked night and day to serve the public between 1835 and 1940. The Country Doctor was made in the likeness of Dr. George F. Middlebrook Sr, whose decade-long career began in 1911, but the statue does not specifically bear his name. Next to the statue is a plaque that lists the names of all of the county's doctors. [1]

The Country Doctor Statue is located on the east side of Mound Street just north of the Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital (1204 N Mound Street). Friends of Historic Nacogdoches, Inc. sponsored the bronze statue to honor the doctors who served the Nacogdoches County communities between 1835 and 1940. Harry Weber of Bronze Fox Studio, Wright City, MO sculpted the statue that was dedicated on May 11, 2011. [1]