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Gibbs-Powell House

This Greek revival home, commissioned by Thomas Gibbs and constructed by W. M. Barrett in 1862, is now the home of the Walker County Historical Association. The home has housed generations of Gibbs and Powell families as well as female students attending Sam Houston Normal Institute. The bedroom walls of this historical home still bare the names of those students who lived there and the museum is filled with antique furniture from 1860-1900's.

Thomas Gibbs was a local Huntsville businessman who built the home for his new wife, Mary Gibbs. Thomas and his brother ran the local mercantile store. The home was purchased in 1897, by Judge Ben Powell II and remained in the Powell family until 1984, when it was leased to the Walker County Historical Commission.

In September 2012, the Museum celebrated its 150th anniversary. The museum also features art galleries from local Huntsville artists and holds fundraising luncheons. The museum is open for tours Tuesday through Friday from 12-5 PM and some Saturdays between 12-4 PM. This hidden Huntsville treasure is a must visit historical site, regardless if you are a resident or just passing through.

The Texas Historical Marker for the Gibbs-Powell House reads, "Built in 1862, this Greek revival house was originally the home of the Thomas Gibbs Family. Used briefly as a rent house and for student housing in the 1880s and 1890s, it was purchased by Judge Ben Powell, II, in 1897. Although altered over the years, the house retains its original character and exhibits stylistic features such as square porch columns and a central entry with transom and sidelights. It became a local history museum in 1984."


Gibbs-Powell Museum Welcome sign. Source: Gibbs-Powell Museum Facebook page.
This is the front display of the Gibbs-Powell home. Source:
Opposite side view of Gibbs-Powell home. Source: Gibbs-Powell Museum Facebook page.
Rear view of the Gibbs-Powell Home. Source: Gibbs-Powell Museum Facebook page.


1228 11th Street, Huntsville


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